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A Pilot Study WAN For Schools in Metropolitan West Region of NSW (Department of School Education)*.

* The study has been broadened to include some non-government schools.

Penrith Technology Education Resource Centre (Penrith)
Studio Of Arts And Sciences (Sydney)
Queenwood School For Girls (Sydney)
Clairgate Public School (St Claire)
Meggalong Valley Central School
Mt Riverview Public School
Hazelbrook Public School
Warrimmoo Public School
Colyton High School
Lithgow High School

The first stage of Scippy was commenced in September 1995, linking Meggalong Valley School with Hazelbrook School. Meggalong Valley is a fairly isolated school of 18 students situated in the NSW Blue Mountains. The connection allowed pupils at both schools to work collaboratively by sharing applications, and by allowing the Meggalong students full, real-time access to the Hazelbrook CD-Rom resources such as Encarta and Great Barrier Reef.

The major points of connection between the pilot study sites was completed in the last few weeks of December 1995. It is expected that most of the pilot study schools will be fully operational by the end of Term 1 in 1996.

We are particularly grateful to Novell, Apple Australia, and Intell for their support of this project.

We hope to have details of the project published in one of the well known computer magazines in mid of 1996.

Please click on the Scippy icon (kangaroo) for an illustration of the Scippy WAN topolgy.

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