24th November, 1995

Our "Ave Maria" iceberg is still low on the horizon but has been moving slowly north, so may disappear in the next week or two. Finally some chunks of ice are breaking away from the ice edge around Cape Denison. Boat Harbour is still full of ice though and it had better break out soon or there will be no room for "Spirit of Sydney" to anchor. It has been blowing about 70-80 knots today, so maybe this will help to break it out.

The high temperatures (+2 degrees Celsius) and sunshine are slowly but surely melting and evaporating the snow and ice all over Cape Denison especially in the rocks where little pools of water are collecting each day.

Next week Don wants to go camping up onto the Plateau but I'm not so sure. Even though the wind is dropping off, I get second thoughts about it as we sit here in our "box" still shaking. Our Macpac tent is good for about 70 knots but today it is gusting up to about 80 knots. It could be 100 knots or more up on the Plateau! I don't particularly feel like sailing away, bundled up in our tent. Stay tuned - it could be an exciting bulletin next week!

Don't forget to place your t-shirt orders as next week is your last chance.

Finally we have managed to answer most of your questions sent to us on e-mail. The answers will be placed on the OzProjects Bulletin Board.

The total sun this week was 97 hours. The coldest temperature was -13 degrees Celsius. The "hottest" temperature was +2 degrees Celsius. That's right! We finally cracked over zero degrees on a regular basis.

Three teddy bears were born this week. Two 15 cm beige bears called "Wallace" and "Mertz'' and a 20cm white bear called "Dumpling". One of our teddies just found a new home through the Leo & Jenny Cancer Research Foundation. The new parents paid $1,000 to them for"Theodore" which is exciting.

See you next week. Stay Warm.

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