1. Expedition Ice-bound

    SAAS participated in this project on behalf of sponsors Telecom New Zealand, The Electricity Commission and The Department of School Education New South Wales, providing communication opportunities & school resources for Australia & New Zealand, plus liason between students, Don & Margie for the twelve month expedition period.

    Prior to departure, an Expedition IceBound Project Kit was distributed to more than ten thousand Australian schools.

    An Expedition Icebound Diary was published on-line to support daily discussion between students, Don & Margie

    On their return, Don and Margie undertook a twelve month tour to visit institutions and meet students and others who had been in contact with them in Antarctica.

    Communications Diary Transcripts

    Here are LINKS TO TRANSCRIPTS of communications between school children and Don and Margie in Antarctica.

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    The Studio of Applied Arts And Sciences (SAAS) provided high level expertise at all stages of the project - from system analysis through to network design, engineering and rollout.

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