1. Services

    SAAS offers a totally integrated range of services for the client seeking a high level of innovative and specialised expertise in all areas of applied art and science.

    SAAS has a proven record for each of the following:

    • Project consultancy and management.
    • Custom technology solutions, especially design and integration of computer and telecommunications networks.
    • Training and educational in-service for technology and computer related courses for Industry Accreditation.
    • Computer graphics special effects and animation production for film/video - both creative works and training.
    • Design, fabrication and installation of sophisticated special effects for corporate and government exhibition.
    • Architectural/art conservation consultancy - Accredited conservation services for museums, art galleries, architects and cultural/heritage groups/institutions.


    SAAS has established a first class international reputation for creative works combined with a scientific approach to problem solving and analysis of client objectives. SAAS believes that quality of service can be provided only after client requirements have been properly understood.

    SAAS is committed to identifying client goals and supplying the innovative solution.

    'The solution is only revealed when the goals are understood!'


    The founders of SAAS have been responsible for a wide range of innovative and diverse projects for a continuous period since 1975. Most of our clients find us through personal recommendation.



    The Studio of Applied Arts & Sciences is a small company with a reputation for providing highly specialised teams offering a well organised and unique range of innovative, lateral expertise.

    SAAS applies a fresh approach to the creation of world class education, communication and related projects.

    SAAS is committed to integration of the normally disparate elements of art and science and has a proven international reputation for excellence; both in product, and reliable performance of service.

    For further information and/or assistance, please contact Roger Buck

    More about SAAS clients and projects: >>

    T: (+61) 2 4307 9415

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  1. SAAS - role overview on

    SAAS Principles during the period 1988 to present:

    • Stuart Barry
    • Roger Buck
    • David Macbeath
    • Peter McPherson
    • Archie Zammit-Ross
    • Joe Zammit-Ross

    Thanks to clients, collaborators & referees including:

    • Lucy Bannion
    • Peter Brownlow
    • Ross Bunyon
    • Willie Callan
    • Barbara Cameron-Smith
    • Brian Carruthers
    • Kent Carruthers
    • Virginia Chadwick
    • Michelle Collins
    • Deborah Evans
    • John Fahey
    • Phil Farrell
    • John Glennon
    • Terry Green
    • John Grimeau
    • Peter Henry
    • Frank Kmiec
    • Margot Leone
    • Gary Luke
    • Jonathan Moon
    • Bruce Perry
    • Jesse Shore
    • Anne Smith
    • Ian Sutton
    • Sally Tye
    • Harry Vassila
    • Paul Verstegen
    • Chris Walsh
    • Paul Webster
    • Colin Wood
    • Laurence Zwimpfer
    • Kat (PH Electronics)
    • Many others...
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