1. SAAS Clients & Projects Include:

    • APPLE COMPUTERS - Design, fabrication & installation of computer interactives for international exhibition/events.
    • ARNOTTS - Fabrication & installation of 150th birthday exhibition at Powerhouse Museum.
    • ATTORNEY-GENERALS DEPARTMENT - Major conservation & materials technology services for The Downing Centre.
    • AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM - Consultancy plus design, create, produce multimedia resources & many hands-on interactives.
    • AUSTRALIAN RICE GROWERS CO-OPERATIVE - Interactive hologram special effect for international exhibition.
    • AWA DEFENCE & AEROSPACE - Concept design & fabrication of high tech display & control systems.
    • AWE (MITSUI E&P AUSTRALIA) - Solution to link, integrate & manage geographically remote locations & infrastructure for oil & gas exploration.
    • BELL ATLANTIC - Design & fabrication of large scale travelling exhibition & interactives.
    • BOEING AEROSPACE - Replication of Space Shuttle interior/fittings for exhibition.
    • COMMODORE COMPUTERS (NZ) - Design and manufacture of interactive educational computer games.
    • CONSERVATORIUM OF MUSIC - CONSERVATORIUM HIGH SCHOOL (SYD) - ICT network design, supply, installation, training, service & support.
    • CLAUDE NEON - Research, development & fabrication of high tech gas discharge power supplies & special effect display control systems.
    • CSIRO (COMMONWEALTH SCIENTIFIC AND INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH ORGANISATION) - Design + fabrication of interactive science exhibits - including large scale liquid & plasma gas-discharge displays.
    • DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (spanning 1990-2018) Consultation, collaboration, curriculum development & training for many projects & events (including multi-media, system administration, & network architecture/support services).
    • THE EARTH EXCHANGE - Consultancy for concept development of interactives, Formation & Transformation galleries for public exhibition & education.
    • ELECTRICORP PRODUCTION (N.Z.) - Consultancy and design/fabrication of children's interactive displays for N.Z. hydro-electric power stations & education institutions.
    • FUJITSU (AU) - Specialised computer data storage & remote access solution for NSW Gov. agency.
    • GLASS ARTISTS GALLERY (SYDNEY) - Design & fabrication of glass sculpture for public exhibition.
    • HIS EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR GENERAL (AUSTRALIA) - Cast making and reproduction of The Australian Coat Of Arms for Yaralumla, Government House.
    • HYDE PARK BARRACKS (SYDNEY) - Exhibition fabrication and conservation services (incl. Kings Queens Soup Tureens, Carried Away & The Campbells Collection.
    • I.B.M. (AUSTRALIA) - Exhibit design & fabrication Science And Technology Centre, Mathematica exhibition & others.
    • JAMES HARDIE INDUSTRIES - Design and fabrication of large scale high tech plasma sculpture The Singing Christmas Tree at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney.
    • JAPAN PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER - Architectural & related services for interior design & construction.
    • MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY (SYDNEY) - Technology solutions design, support and related services at Macquarie University ICT Innovations Centre.
    • NATIONAL ART GALLERY OF NZ (CITY GALLERY, WELLINGTON NZ) - Design and installation of computer, digital music & other interactives for art exhibition.
    • NATIONAL PARKS AND WILDLIFE SERVICES (AUSTRALIA) - Design/fabrication of award winning environmental exhibition/interactives at Sea Acres rainforest visitors centre.
    • NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (CANBERRA) - Exhibit fabrication & specialised maintenance services for science/maths interactives.
    • NASA (O.T.C.) - Design and fabrication of high tech electronics control system for display at Tidbinbilla Deep Space Tracking Centre (& others).
    • OCEAN MAN - Design and creation of digital special effects & visual support materials (TV) for international events & competitions.
    • PACIFIC POWER (Prev. THE ELECTRICITY COMMISSION OF N.S.W. AUSTRALIA) - Education resources, multimedia production & computer network services.
    • PALAMEDIA GROUP - Event management systems, services & ICT support for Australia‚Äôs debt & equity markets, & high net worth individuals.
    • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM (SYDNEY AUSTRALIA) - involvement from concept through fabrication of many diverse exhibitions, exhibits, events & educational displays/programs.
    • PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT (NSW AUSTRALIA) - Specialised architectural conservation consultancy & additional building/conservation services.
    • SYDNEY COLLEGE OF THE ARTS (AUSTRALIA) - Large scale immersive, interactive 3D video exhibition & related events.
    • TELECOM NZ (NEW ZEALAND) - Consultancy, design & fabrication of many educational interactive exhibits, exhibitions including Expo NZ, The Telecom Express national exhibition, The IceBound Antarctic expedition, ATUG exhibition.
    • TELECOM/TELSTRA (AUSTRALIA) - Management & liason for industry & education partnership events (including Icebound, ATUG and others)
    • STATE POLLUTION CONTROL COMMISSION (NSW AUSTRALIA)- Design and fabrication of educational environmental travelling exhibition for The Green Train.
    • SYDNEY COVE REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (NSW AUSTRALIA) - Supervision/management of building works in historic area (The Rocks).
    • PANASONIC AUSTRALIA - Large scale interactive 3D projection & holographic special effect for exhibition.
    • UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SYDNEY AUSTRALIA) - Training in computer graphics effects & techniques.
    • U.S.S.R. MOSCOW EXHIBITION CENTRE - Design & fabrication of high tech display for major international exhibition.
    • WAITANGI HOUSE (N.Z.) - Conservation & reproduction of historic/cultural objects.
    • WATER BOARD (NSW AUSTRALIA) - Development of joint-venture proposal (including prototype design, build & test) for new flow monitoring & measurement technologies (HYDTEC)
    • KANGANEWS - Event management sytems & ICT services for international finance & bond markets.

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